Frequently Asked Questions


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Can i join the Pop up?

Pop-up space is limited to 20 participants each day. We welcome small businesses based in Upper Manhattan to join us. Priority is given first to participants in the Harlem Local Vendor Program (HLVP) and then to clients of the Columbia-Harlem SBDC.

Why do HLVP and Columbia-Harlem SBDC businesses get priority?

The businesses that joined together for the first pop-up weekends are all graduates and clients of these organizations, and as such we want to support other businesses who are participating in these valuable programs. We have no official affiliation with either organization. We just like them.

Is there fee?

There is a nominal fee of $10 per day. This offsets administrative and organizational costs to produce the event.

What does that include?

Space in the pop-up market roughly equivalent to 6-foot table or a 6-foot section in the display case. Promotion on the Uptown Artisanal website, social media platforms and emails.

DO I need to have a table?

The sign-up form has a place to indicate if you have a table. We do our best to try to accommodate everyone who does not currently have a table either through making space at the display in the middle or by helping to coordinate table loans, but we can’t guarantee a table. There are no chairs, so if you want one, please bring it along.

Where is the Pop-up held?

The pop-up takes place at the former Liberty House space, 2878 Broadway (Broadway at 112th).

When is the Pop-up Held?

The second Saturday and Sunday of each month.

How do I participate?

Send an email to to join our mailing list for participants.

Any requirements?

We require that your business is set up as a legal entity, with a certificate of authority for collecting sales tax and business insurance.

What else do i need to know to participate?

We aim to create low-key, low-risk opportunities to get your product in front of people. But there are a few ground rules:

  • Please be ready to sell when the pop-up market is open. We understand things happen, trains are delayed, etc, but the general expectation is you will be ready to go when we open.

  • Commit to staying the whole time, even if you sell out, to ensure we have a vibrant market with no empty spots.

  • If you sign up, please show up or cancel in advance. Please remember someone else could have been selling in that space.

  • We aim to work together. Does someone else need a bathroom break? Cover their table. No poaching! Let customers finish their conversation with other businesses before you invite them to learn more about your product. Help us get more people in the door by posting about the events.

  • We have lots of food vendors, but all prepared food. We’re not able to cook in the space.